How to wear beard properly?

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The eternal dilemma of the male is attractive beard or not. Recent research has nevertheless shown that people with fairer sex find men more attractive when they have a beard.


If we believe to woman’s instinct, then you should wear a beard, because the increasing number of ladies chose a man who has a beard old from 5 to 10 days. So beard is attractive. However, we must not allow ourselves to “heal” as a werewolf on the pretext” that women love it.”

Like everything else like your hair for example, you need a regular maintenance. How would it look the best, the length of the beard should be maintained. Orderliness is crucial. You must not allow your beard to look messy. Every day use a trimmer or razor to maintain the shape and the line should be about halfway between the Adam’s apple and chin. Of course, eliminate chin cheek if you do not want to look like a “wolf”.

tumblr_nuygm8cU4k1uwxe15o1_500Next thing you need to pay attention is the softness and appearance of your beard. As your hair and beard can early in the morning look unkempt and messy it needs everyday maintenance. Therefore, use a fine comb and use some cream that will rectify and standardize the form and at the same time make your beard softer. Do not forget to moisturize your skin even if you have a beard. You might not see our face, but that does not mean we should not keep it and cherish.

So beard is attractive, but only when properly nurtured and maintained. Because of this, some men opt for a look without the beard, because it’s easier. Of course, the beard does not look good to all men, so if you are one of those whose beard is not exactly the best, feel free to shave, we are sure you will attract people of the fairer sex in another way.


One research said that most of rich people don’t wear it. Whether is that a truth we can’t be sure if we take a look on persons like George Clooney, Brad Pit or David Beckham. A beard is a trade mark for them. We can say that David is the one that make it so popular.

Until a few years ago beards were reserved only for the “mind” head, university professors, scientists, and mustache were long forgotten details from the eighties, as a synonym for masculinity. And then everything changed, and the release of facial hair has become so acceptable that we met guys who would envy the Salvador Dali mustache, and the streets are flooded by “hipsters”, which is a mandatory part of the image of a beard. It is even designed and medical treatment, transplantation of beard, for those men who are traditionally called “hairless”.


Whatever your reasons for beard are you should be aware of yourself and think whether it suits you. You shouldn’t wear it just because of fashion or a desire to look more men you should wear it only if they suits you.

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3 Reasons Why Women and Beards Go Hand In Hand

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There are numerous reasons why women and beards go so well together!  Just to be clear, I don’t think ladies should wear beards.  However, I do know a bunch of ladies who simply of door beards and are true fans.  This of course means that they grow strong feelings of love and appreciation towards men who are sporting a beard.

When it comes to facial hair, I have been a witness that ladies love their men ruggedly handsome, and at the often includes sporting some facial hair.

a339b292ac648d2935e4c106eae4da0dBut what are the reasons that stand behind this phenomenon?  Where will try to discover are three of the most obvious reasons why ladies would prefer a man with facial hair, than those whole are shaving the everyday.  A beard can be very appealing due to many reasons, however, here are the three most common reasons why ladies simply fall in love with the guys who are wearing a beard.

  1. Craving A Cave Man

When a man is sporting a beard it is actually showing that he is ruggedly handsome man and a true man’s man.  Also, at a certain level this kind of style appeals to our nature and our natural instincts.  If you take into consideration that humans are ultimately mammals, and animals, it is no wonder that sometimes we are so drawn by all were instincts to people who seem natural.  A beard will make you look like a sexy cave man and I don’t know a single lady who would oppose to such a look.  On the other hand, I you know a lot of ladies who would instantly be smitten by a sexy cave man.

  1. Supporting Your Partner

beards-are-epicLet’s say that your sense of style differs from your partners and that you have very opposed opinions when it comes to sporting a beard.  However, even the ladies which oppose the bearded style often show appreciation and support when their partner expresses the feeling that they would like to grow a beard.  This is one of the main indicator that your partner is a keeper.  If your partner will support you in developing your own personal sense of style and individuality even though they personally have their own reasons for in disliking this style, that shows a real support and appreciation in a relationship which shouldn’t be overlooked.  This is certainly one of the best ways to test the partner and see whether they care for you, or are they are stubborn and unappreciative of your own personal freedom.

  1. Appreciating Style

Ladies will also love your beard because they will admire your sense of individuality and the ways in which you are expressing your style.  They will also appreciate your sense of style and your fashion sense.  Everyone who appreciate style knows that beards are highly fashionable right now and if you appreciate fashion and you will appreciate beards.


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4 Reasons Why Bears Are A Trend

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Ever since with the dawn of time people have had facial hair, however, when it comes to trends, sporting facial hair has may the real comeback in the recent years.  For the longest time a clean-cut and shave, has been the epitome of a sexy and successful man.  However, since recently, this trend has been replaced with a bearded style which seems to be immensely popular among men.

Here are just four reasons why beards are such a trend nowadays, and so immensely popular among men.

  1. Makes You More Masculine

o-GEORGE-CLOONEY-570A lot of men will prefer a growing a beard because they believe it makes them more masculine, and then being completely shaved.  Furthermore, according to some people who wear beards all the time, having a beard makes you feel manlier, but it also makes you more proactive and gives you the kind of often is you would not normally have, were you to shave daily.  In addition to that, it also provides you wait the cave man effect, and makes you ruggedly handsome.

  1. Covers Up Flaws

If you don’t have the perfect cheekbones and that a perfect jaw line, you shouldn’t worry too much, because if you decide to cover up any of your physical flaws you can always wear a beard.  A beard will cover up your flaws, but it will also give you eccentricity and uniqueness.  Therefore, if you would like to cover up your flaws and put an accent on your individuality make sure and that you grow a beard.

  1. Saves Time

Of course, you will still have to take care of your beard, but in general you will save time in the morning.  I am fairly confident that you can find better use of time you spend the shaving in the morning, and that you will ultimately benefit from it.  But sporting a beard doesn’t have to make you seem lazy about it, and from time to time it would be for the best that you pay some attention to your beard and the groom it, but still, you won’t have to do it all the time and ultimately it will save your time.

7 Grooming Mistakes Men Make

  1. Attracts The Ladies

Needless to say but you will have a lot more success with ladies if you decide to grow a beard.  Your masculine beard will attract the opposite gender, and they will never want to leave your side.  Furthermore, not only that you will be memorable, but you will also stand out to the crowd.  If you would like to work on your style and establish an impeccable taste, make sure and that you try out wearying a beard.  It might suit you perfectly.  In fact, you might never wish to shave again.  Often when people try out growing beards, they end up loving them and never a wish to go back to the old grooming style.


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